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  October 2016  
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Youth Group
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Venture Crew #35
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Hour of Prayer
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Cub Scouts 193
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Pastor’s Pen

September 2016

Living in the Shadow. Psalm 91

         Living in the shadow has a negative connotation in our culture. It refers to something bad we had done or someone we are related has done and that act follows us or our family throughout a lifetime and beyond. 


Let me share with you a brief real life example. While pastoring in New Jersey, we had a member of the Booth family become a part of our faith community. At my first meeting with this family they let me know that they were direct descendants of the man who assassinated President Lincoln. He was apologetic and offered to find another faith community. My conversation was very brief and focused on the forgiveness and freedom we have in Christ. We developed the best of relationships and it never was mentioned again. Shadows can be cast over a very long distance if we don’t walk in the light and accept God’s great gift of new life.

There is another kind of shadow we can live under and it is very positive. It too will last a life time and can visit our following generations. My prayer is that this shadow is casted over you and your generations that follow.  It is the shadow of God’s love and your desire to walk in it every day. 

Psalm 91 begins with He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, who  abides in the shadow of the Almighty. There are many good things we enjoy if we chose to live in this far reaching shadow. There are so many good and eternal things we gain by choosing to live in the Shadow of the Cross.

There is love, protection and provision in this shadow. There is hope and forgiveness and freedom from fear as we stay near the cross. We need not fear any threat to our livelihood, our family and our faith. This does not mean we will feel the effects of the tragedies of life.  It does not mean the trials of life won’t touch us. What it means is that we have a place to go for protection, comfort and provision. It means that we have a Savior that is touched with our feelings and the issues of life we face. Our hope and help is in the Lord.

Please take time to read the entire chapter of Psalm 91. Remind yourself that the Lord is with you.  He will help you. He will be the comfort in your soul and spirit. He is with you and so are we at the United Parish.

I look forward to seeing you in church. Have a wonderful September.


Yours in Him,

Pastor Cal

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